Saturday, January 29, 2011



Jazz Dance Studio
May 20, 2010
Hannah's Dance Review
At the Perry's Egyptian Theatre in Ogden

Grandma Linnea came to watch. She wouldn't miss this for anything!

Matt and Hannah

Her sweet friends Rylee and Milly Smith came too!

Daddy gave her a rose

G-ma Linnea gave her some fruit snacks and her favorite.... a big chocolate bar!

Ashley Maughn is one of Matt's friends who also takes at JDS.
They've been friends since Kindergarten!

Gracie R. and Hannah are getting ready for the show to begin!
We asked them to give us a little pose :)

It was so fun to have G-ma Linnea, Tara, and G-ma Leah there on this big day of Hannah's. You never stop supporting us or the kids. Your always there! Thank you, and we love you so much. What a fun day this was.


swim time

May 14, 2010

So school is over and summer is here!! Syracuse Art's Academy had a way fun end of the year activity at the Clearfield Aquatic Center.

We love to swim!!

Wedding Fun!

John and I with our dear friend and beautiful bride,
Emalee Rogers

Me, Emalee, and Libby

Hannah & Emalee

Friends and Family having dinner after Emalee went through the
Bountiful Temple.

Emalee and Kendall Tate
May 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2010

I love these kids more than anything!! I love being a mother. I've always wanted to be a mother and couldn't wait for the day. Yes....some days are harder than other's, but really it's still very worth it. I love each of them so much, they are so individual and so different. Each of them teach me in some way and I am so grateful for that! I am so glad I am their mom, what an amazing blessing it is to be a mother!! There are some days when I really wonder if I can do this.....but I know with the Lord's help I can do anything!

They bring a smile to my face!!

We love Primary!

May 9, 2010
Me, Lori, Amber, Adrienne, Ghislaine, & Christy

Today our Primary presidency got released. I have to be honest....It was hard and very emotional. I teared up every time we sang each of their favorite primary songs. With each song we sang I felt the spirit so strong. It was very neat and I know the kids felt it too. These are very neat ladies and I am blessed to call them friends! They were such a strong presidency and worked really well with each other. They are going to be missed by so many! The kids just loved them so much!! Released were, president Adrienne and her counselor's Christy, Ghislaine and secretary, Amber. The pianist was Lori and was released. I am still the chorister. Ghislaine was called as the new president and will do a great job at it! Her counselor's are Holly libby, Claire Michaelson and secretary Mara Snider. The new pianist is Shannon Bair.

Chuck E. Cheese's

April 24, 2010
Matt, Hannah, Rylee W. & Diego S.

The kids had planned that when their jar of fuzzies was completely filled they wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. The Jar of Fuzzies was taken from a conference talk given by President Monson. He talked about dropping a warm fuzzy in a jar every time an act of service was performed or when you have done something good. I thought maybe we should try it with our family. The kids worked hard on getting that jar filled. We had a fun time with it!

Don't turn your back or this will happen!!

Tyler thought it was so cool to get tickets!



He played this the WHOLE time!!
and was soooo good at it!

Nothing like a little kids face soaking all the fun in

How he loved riding this horse!

Spring Soccer

April 17, 2010

Spring soccer has started and Hannah is super excited!!


Go Green Grass Stains!!


April 2010
Hannah and I both love our tulips very much. She asked me if she could have her picture by them. This particular day she picked out her uniform all by herself. It was so cute to watch her! She also told me she wanted to wear her hair "blonde" today. Yes, her hair is blonde....but what she means by this is that she wants her hair "down".

so here you have it.....Hannah with her hair "blonde"

Sportsplex ~ Kidsplex

In November 09' I started working at the Sportsplex Gym in Kaysville. I work in the Kidsplex watching all the kids while mom and dad work out. We now have a family gym pass there and really like it. It's a great place! Hannah and Tyler love the days that I work there. They look forward to it every week....Hannah especially, she is my little helper and such a good little babysitter! Hannah had afternoon Kindergarten so I would do my shift from 9:00-11:30 and then rush off to get to S.A.A. in Syracuse just in time for school to start.

Lip Surgery

April 20
A couple months ago, back in February, Matt and Tyler Gibb Collided and had quite the accident. Matt's tooth went through his lip then went through Tyler's forehead. Matt got only one stitch and Tyler got 7 stitches. It was done at the IHC Insta Care there in Syracuse. One stitch was not enough to hold that lip together. He said he could poke his tongue right in it. So this is the first of 3 procedures and surgeries to getting it back to looking normal. He was so tough and very brave through it all.

They just barely gave him the medicine to nock him out
He was soooo nervous so it was good to see him calm down!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Animal Days

April 8, 2010
Baby Animal Days
Cache Valley

Riding the train
Tyler was beyond excited!!

me, Tara and mom took the kids to see the animals. Talk about cute. It was so fun and sweet to see the kids with these little babies. There is just something about animals. especially the baby ones. We could have stayed there forever. We saw all we could and even rode the train! Way fun time.