Saturday, January 29, 2011



Sweating in the endless heat said...

Holy Cow Tauna, you have been busy updating you blog. What the heck does G.T.U. mean??? Have been thinking about you a lot lately. I hope all is well with your beautiful family:-)

Earl said...

I haven't looked at your blog in over a year. Just caught up. Good job on posting. Have you seen my sister's blogs? They haven't posted since 09. Quitters.

Anyway, I've been preparing a sunday school lesson on miracles. I'm grateful that Mckay is with us so we can understand just a little bit more about how God teaches us using miracles. Thanks for the all the good posts.

Circe said...

Hi Tauna! This is so weird, but I googled you to find your address and your blog came up. You're renting a violin from me and I don't have youe address. Sorry! I hope it's going well. Can you email me at circe at clytieadams dot com? Thanks so much!:)