Sunday, December 21, 2008

Twilight Photo Shoot

I had to post more pictures- I couldn't help myself!
we were getting way into it....

I stole these from my SIL's Robin and Nan. Look at our faces....It just makes me laugh!!!

Thanksgiving at Entrada

Thanks to Johns mom and dad we were able to stay in some sweet condos for Thanksgiving. We had such a great time. so fun but yet so relaxing too!

They got 3 condos for us. Robin, rob, and Ryan were in one. Mike and Nan were in another and jim and us were in the other. Ours got nicknamed the "party house" It was the biggest- and could hold us all for the most part!

Here is one of the 4 tables

there's John boy waving from the other side of the room. This is a picture of us trying to get everything set up for the big Thanksgiving Feast

Here we all are.....This is all 35 People- except Rob was in the shower and Brennen ditched us. John's sister Sandee who lives in Indiana was not able to make it this year and John's brother Dusty and his family went back to their home in Hurricane and went to church. but seriously....trying to get this many people together for a family picture is near impossible! So you get what you get!!!

Here is John with his brothers- Mike, Ryan and Jim having some good time on the green.

John does have some good lookin' brothers but look at the beautiful scenery. I have not been to St. George for 10 years. We've been to Panguitch several times and they do look very similar I guess. It's just so different. Living so close to these mountains I did feel a little lost without them.
This here is a little paved side walk that went between two of the condos. It was so great! Everyone was ripsticking, scootering, and running up and down it. We couldn't have planned it any better.
Here's Tyler, Emily, McKay and I in the room where we stayed. It was huge! let's just say the fam was very nice to let us have it. They wanted us to have it so that McKay would be stationed at the PaRtY hOuSe that way we wouldn't have to move him much. It made it very nice! Thanks again to all the family- if your reading this. Our closet was so big that it not only held all our clothes and stuff but it became Tyler's bedroom. It was GREAT! He slept so good.

The TWILIGHT Goers!!
minus John. Yes he was there....He was just our photographer at the moment. We loved it! Because I had heard so much about it- seriously it had been out for what- a week or so- I was patient enough to wait to see it with my SIL's. and yes it was worth the wait. We had a blast. the movie before ours was sold out and the movie after ours was sold we were very lucky to get in when we did. We were all a little gitty- so that made our photo shoot that much more fun!
this here is the kids using their imagination and playing some game they made up

HeRe We ArE eNjOyInG oUr FoOd!!!

Ohhh Man that was good!!! I'm ready for that again!

SoMe CoUsIn FuN!!!

It was such a fun Thanksgiving. Thanks again Ken and Judi for giving us this fun trip. I'm sure having 10 Children wasn't the easiest and I know you both have sacrificed so much through it all. Now there are just so many people to love....and yes we do love them all!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

What a fun holiday this has been!!!

Halloween party at Playschool
Made some Spooky Pumpkins

Pin the wart on the witch, Doughnut eating contest, and ghost, ghost, boo!

dressing up is so fun...
Troy Bolton, Belle, Squirt
and Mickey

And going trick-or-treating is way fun
especially when it's warm outside
and even more fun when grandam Linnea comes to visit!

She helped the kids make some "mummies" for dinner

Now it's sorting time. I remember back in the day after trick-or-treating, my sister, brother and I would all sort out our candy. We'd put all the tootsie rolls together, all the gum together, the suckers.......
Now my kids do it, so now it's our tradition.

Birthday Time! (a while ago)

We have 3 birthdays in August. So me not sure if I had the energy to plan 3 different birthday shin digs.....decided to celebrate them all together.
This was a big one for each of them....
# 35 for Mr. Roe
#8 for McKay
#1 for Tyler

I got them each their own cake. John's favorite is cheesecake so I make him one every year. Tyler got his own little white cake. and Aunt Cindi brought a few chocolate- one for McKay and some for all of us to eat.


My little baby boy is one!!!

He loved his cake!!!

testing out his new car

Tyler.... you are one of the reasons I love being a mommy!!


And then September came around and it was my birthday.... Sep. 19, 1978.....this means i'm turning 30 years old......
I knew this was going to be a rough one... so something had to be I partied all week!

4 other friends had September b-day's too. Ashley, Deborah, Lora and Jamie. So Jamie and I decided to plan a girls night at her house. (she was the one with the husband out of town!) The girls in our neighborhood are always up for a party. so we thought why not!

and talk about party... this was one PARTY!!!
every one of these girls are so stinkin' fun!

We even played some Rock Band- and boy are we good!!!

We seriously had so much fun! It was so good to just sit back and relax. We ate some great treats, visited , and played a few games..... We got some good laughs in as well!

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such neat, talented and wonderful people. Thanks for making my 30th birthday one to remember!!!

Then Uncle Rick and Aunt Cindi took us to
Benihana's. ~ Thanks again you two!

we had never been there before- so of course.... we enjoyed every bit of it
The food there really is fabulous!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Make A Wish Disney World Trip 2008

Give Kids The World
This is where we stayed during our week. These were all locations within Give Kids The World. It was absolutely awesome!
Fishing spot

Castle of Miracles

Amberville (games of all kinds)

The Ice Cream Palace

The Gingerbread House Restaurant

Wow! We are home! I can't believe the week has come and gone. Just like that. We had the time of our lives. Words cannot describe all that we did and all that we felt. We tried to keep the memories alive by taking pictures, but even after all the picture taking it's still not the same. So I'm going to start by putting some pictures that tell a little of what we did through out the week.

One of the first things Matt and Hannah wanted to do was miniature golf. They would have done this every day if we would have let them

There was a pond in the middle of Give the Kids the World. There were several fishing poles at the House of Hearts for the kids to use. I do not think it is expected that fish will be caught but we decided to go fishing our fist morning (for about half an hour while we waited for our rental van to arrive). Others told us on our way there that turtles were the only thing being caught. Well..... Hannah caught this bass after about 2 minutes of fishing. She would have nothing to do with it, Matthew and McKay were loving it, and for the most part John was determined that he did not want to handle it (how was he going to get the hook out without getting fishy!). So this here is Matthew proudly holding Hannah's fish. (I got most of it on camera. This is one of the most classic family moments where we will be laughing for years to come. See the video below)

We think McKay liked the quiet mood fishing with the family

Here we are enjoying our all you can eat ice cream and cookies and soda pop

This was so great.... When the Grinch saw McKay- and saw that he was with "Make-A-Wish" They took us back behind the building and gave McKay a little surprise. The whole Doctor Seuss gang. Talk about FUN!! They were so dang cute with all the kids. I even felt like a kid again!

The kids love Shamu so much. The minute we walked into Sea World Shamu welcomed us in.

This was a fun ride at the Magic Kingdom the whole family could go on. McKay went on it 2 times. Because he was a make-A-Wish child they even let him go around twice. He just leaned against his dad and enjoyed the ride.

I know Hannah was excited to meet the princesses because she's always talking about them. But when the moment finally came when she actually got to meet them she didn't have much to say. She never really said anything the whole time we were with them. I'm sure she was just soaking it all in.

I think Mickey and Minnie are the cutest characters ever created. Up close they're even cuter! We were escorted right up to the front- which was so nice because the line was so long. I would have died if we had to wait in that line. There is no way we would have made it- no way! See that little badge on McKay's head rest on the left. yea... that there is the magical button. absolutely Awesome. For our family to do all we did- in the amount of time we had-was amazing. Make-A-Wish made the impossible- POSSIBLE

Every morning at the place where we stayed (Give Kids The World) we could go meet different characters. Quite often music would be playing and we'd even get to dance with them.


Hannah said Chip and Dale are her Favorite!

Here I am pretending to be Cinderella kissing the most Handsome prince ever!!

On our last day at Disney World we saw the two parades. McKay's little button was able to get us a nice shady front row spot.

Such a MAGICAL place!!

Buzz to the rescue!

Our Disney world adventure ended Saturday night with a bang. It was an awesome display of fireworks that we will never forget!!!

Hannah catches her first fish!!!!!!