Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good Bye Summer


The first game she played she was a little conservative, and not so sure about the whole thing. The next game she was all over it. She was running all over and trying to get the ball. It is so fun to watch these little ones!
A few weeks ago Hannah started Soccer. And look what color her team is... PINK! What are the chances of that. Here she is giving coach Dale five just after scoring a goal.

This here is our little bat that some neighborhood boy found on the side of our house. It's not everyday you find one of these laying around! Don't worry I got it all taken care of- Animal control came and got it- the kids were a little disappointed.... they thought they had a new pet. um... NO!
Playin' at the park is still a favorite around here.

Matthew's last game of the season was Saturday. He loved every minute of it. He got some good interceptions, some good hits, and the highlight of the season was His touchdown. It was so great! What a fun way to end the season. His game was at Mt. Crest up in Cache Valley. John mentioned how cool it was for Matthew to be able to play on turf. I guess John never got to play on turf until high school. It's funny how we finally get into a routine and then it's over. On to the next thing.....Basketball. He's been waiting patiently all year for this. He tells us that basketball is his very favorite.
The kids love their four wheeler rides at Grandma Linnea's house. Ty get's excited
the minute he see's it

You gotta love Hannah Roetana sportin' her Hannah Montana shirt!!
That's what Rylee calls her-funny huh!

Here's Hannah's having fun at our one and only trip to Cherry Hill this year with
friends Avery and Rylee

Sunday, September 28, 2008

a few wish pictures

On his lap is his personal STAR!

Here we are posing for a picture with some of the Volunteer's at Make A Wish that have helped us through this whole process. To make the party that much more fun they invited Princess Cinderella and Princess Belle to join us. They were a big hit!

*Make sure you click on McKay's blog to see many more pictures that were taken.*

When we got home that night the kids quickly made a paper chain countdown for the trip. You know.... those paper chains you make for the count down till Christmas. Yea- way cute! I wanted them in bed so bad but decided to be patient because really- we don't do this that often. We might as well just soak it in, right! what's a little craziness for the next couple of weeks! So let the count down begin!!!! 8 more days to go.

Make a Wish

As many of you may know McKay was granted a wish from the Make-a-wish foundation. McKay, together with the help of his family, decided to wish for a trip to Disney World. McKay's wish was granted and on September 22nd the Make-a-wish foundation had a "bon voyage" party for him. One of the highlights of our party was raising McKay's star. We each took turns signing it and writing things like Disney World 2008, We love you McKay, etc. The video is our little family helping McKay raise his star to join the other stars of all those who have been granted a wish. Just push pause on the music so you can hear the video.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

11 Years!!!

Happy Anniversary!!

On September 6th we celebrated our 11th anniversary. can you believe it 11 years!!! wow that's a long time- seriously.... it feels like that wonderful, beautiful day was just yesterday. but no... I'm getting old therefore, yes it's been 11 years. So much has gone on in those 11 years. And to think that we have so much more to experience in the future. It's kind of exciting when I think about it! I'm just glad I've got John to experience it with!!
I love you John!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lagoon and EFY

I had a few minutes and just wanted to post some more fun pictures from the summer. This was our end of July fun with the Family. I really can't believe summer is over- It went by so fast. But oh it was so fun!!

Sound a sleep again!
"Wicked" is the favorite ride- They thought it was soooo coool!!
Front seat baby!!

Dillon, Ben, Johnny, Hannah, & Adam

Tyler having his first Fire House Bread sticks

Hannah is dead a sleep
The family gone CRAZY!! This was taken Monday morning at registration. We were excited to have 2 nephews and 1 niece join us for the first time. This year we did EFY in Logan at Utah State.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The week of the july 4th

We got a new umbrella for McKay from "one-step-ahead" and it worked awesome!

We had a fun water party Nan's home. She is my cute SIL who lives in Kaysville. Here is cousin Chase taking Tyler's binky

Matthew loves feeding Tyler

My other SIL Kara had a get to gether at her house. Well we got a little creative and decided to see who could do the best trick on the tramp.
This is Uncle Mike....

This is John......showing us his amazing Leap

You should have seen Kara do her trick- seriously!!.....She just had a baby a few months ago
Cousin Anna was awesome!
My SIL Michelle can do a wicked front flip!
We got a big kick out of what my Father in Law was saying as he was watching all of this. He couldn't believe the talent! He was so proud!!!! (maybe he just thought we were nut cases!?!)

little cute cousins were running everywhere!
Hannah, Johnny, Daniel, Adam, Ben, Conner, Lizzy
SIL Megan and Ethan who live in Virginia
All the Roe Fam that was in town went to the Kaysville Parade to watch cousin Emily do her cool tricks! She is Awesome!

watching his first Firework show
He loved it!