Thursday, February 25, 2010


Thanksgiving 2009

We went to Cache Valley to G-ma Linnea's this year. We drove up the night before after Matt's Comp basketball game Wednesday night. Got up Thursday morning and got things ready for the Thanksgiving feast at 1:00. It was soooo good. It's just a shame that we have to get full. All that preparation and it's over so quick. Good thing we always make more.... the left overs are the best part. The kids were so excited that we got to stay over 3 nights. They had a fun break!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weenie Roastin'

October 10, 2009

Family party in Grandma Leah's back yard. Uncle Clair and uncle Pat made a fire in the pature in the back yard. Back in the day her and my g-pa Harmon raised animals back there, but now it's just land. I still call it the pasture. We drove up Saturday afternoon after Hannah's soccer game. She did really good, she made three goals! So cool!! When we got to grandma's the fire was all ready going. The kids were in heaven. I remember thinking.... "we need to do this more often." They were really enjoying themselves playing in the grass and dirt and climbing on things. I truly believe there's just something about little ones playing in nature. It's just so natural for them. They need it for some reason. I had a good time sitting in the lawn chair eating , visiting....just kidding!... I just remembered that I wanted to sit down but couldn't because I was constantly trying to keep Tyler out of the fire. He's just at that little stage where he's mesmerized by it. Maybe next year he'll understand a little bit more and I will be able to sit for more than 30 seconds!

g-ma linnea, uncle clair, aunt Faye

uncle pat, Taylor

aunt Mary, Hannah

John, tara

gaylene, clair, faye, hannah

Matt's happy because I made his favorite- chocolate cake.
Happy Birthday Matt!!
can't believe your 11 years old!
You are the best big brother ever
and we love you!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Roe Circus

October 9th 2009

The kids could not wait until Friday. It was Matthew's 11 birthday and the kids had planned a
way fun trip to the zoo. It was Matt's idea, since it was his birthday he got to choose. We had planned to go in the morning. I figured it would be way easier to take these three while McKay had school. We have early outs on Friday so we had to be quick. It was parent teacher conference for Hannah and Matthew so that's why we were able to choose something fun to do during the day. If McKay were to come that would mean I would be pushing a stroller and a wheelchair around. we were going to be there a total of 3 hours- so I knew we had to be quick on our feet. I know the kids would have helped out...they always do- but we are talking about my emotional well being!... honest truth... I would have been a mess- so thank you again to McKay's wonderful school teachers that take care of him so much so that I can enjoy a 3 hour trip to the zoo. They have no clue what it means for me. I don't know what I would do without their help.

So we woke up spent the morning at the zoo, drove to Syracuse rec center for Matthew's Basketball practice and then drove home to the bus pulling up in front of our house to drop off little McKay- arriving just in time. I wanted to suprise Matt and take his team cupcakes at the end of practice, so as quickly as I could without banging my hands up and pinching my fingers...loaded McKay in the van and headed to syracuse AGAIN. Matt was way excited and of course the boys loved the cupcakes. We came home and shortly after that John got home and we sat down and ate Matt's favorite meal. Strogonoff. He loves that stuff.

After all that you'd think we would head off to bed, but no....we loaded the van back up and headed to the movie theater. We saw Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs 3D. Tyler was a little handful but I think we survived.

As I'm writing this it's reminding me of our fun, and crazy packed day's we had in Florida for our MAW trip. In John's journal every night we would sit down and record everything we did that day. We are a circus! At least in my little mind we are. I just feel that no matter what we do- it's just a lot of stuff and well.... a lot of work. It rarely goes smooth if you know what I mean. I think when you have little one's that just comes with the territory! we have 4 kids... bags.... McKay's backpack, a stroller with a baby in it, a wheelchair, two diapers that usually need changing, two kids that need naps and usually a kid or two throwing a fit, treats, sippy cups, little toys, and usually a mom and dad trying to figure out what to do next. We are the Roe Circus. So anyway... what I'm saying is this really was a fun day to celebrate Matthew's birthday. We love doing things together and making fun memmories. It may be tons of work but it's so worth it!! I would do anything for these little ones!

Happy birthday Matthew!

The train ride was the favorite. Trains right now are Ty's
most favorite thing.

another train ride!

My three little monkeys!

Hogle Zoo's new baby elephant
was the cutest thing we've ever seen!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!

He always loves new basketball shoes

Oct. 9 2009
look who's 11!!

This year Matthews party was all centered around basketball.
The most played game was basketball.
but they also played a whole lot of Nerf ball inside!
Lots of pizza was eaten
and they all loved the cake and ice cream!
Matt really loved his cake. You could tell he was surprised when he saw it!

Diego, Brock, Braxton,
Josh, Matt, Tyler,

This is Hannah after a crazy, fun day!
I don't think she was tired at all. Nope... not at all!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

well rounded!

She said, "ohhh yyeeahh! I'm the mumma!"

This is what I found earlier in the day! She spent a little bit of time in my closet and came down stairs with this little outfit all put together- including her little pink purse. It's all mine but the purse and pajama pants. Then a little later in the day she spent some time in Matt's room and came out looking like this! I think it's so good for her to have an older brother. I so wish I had I'm glad she has a couple! You would have never caught me dead in a football outfit. My sister Tara- for sure but never me. It just makes me smile. She is such a funny girl. So spunky and full of life!!

Arrow Of Light

Cub Scout Pack Meeting
Where all the Wolves, Bears, and Weblo's
come together.

Cub Scout Motto:


Cub Scout Promise

I, Matthew
promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my Country,
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack.

Brother Macintosh explaining the Webelos Arrow of Light to him.

The Webelos Arrow of Light points the right
way to go every day of the week.
That is why the sun (on the Arrow of
Light patch) has seven rays- one for each day.

My little Webelo is growing up on me! One more year and he'll
be in Young Mens. That's CRAZY!
Matthew said that he loved doing his arrow of light requirements.
It was fun even though it was a hard task.

November 18, 2009

my sister Tara helping Matthew take down the Teepee.

sabree, g-ma Linnea, tyler, tara, mom, dad, g-ma judi, matthew, libby mckay, and hannah
Matthew is very blessed to have so many people around
that love and support him. Thanks you guys for coming!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Pictures

September 2009

We got our family pictures done! This year it was actually quite a bit smoother than last year...thank goodness!! McKay's G-tube didn't leak and he didn't have a blow out either! Last years blow out took 1/2 hour to clean up. Which means John got to wear his outfit that I had planned on for 2 weeks, and we didn't have to make an emergency shopping trip minutes before pictures were to be taken! oh....and our Van started. Last year we had to jump our old van to even get to the park. So... really, it was a lot better!! Everything went as planned. Our friend Shane Bell took them this year and did a great job! He was awesome!! We met him in Ogden at the Union Station. What a great area that was!