Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hannah's 6th b-day Party

Happy Birthday Hannah! January 9th, 2010. Because her birthday is on the 26th of December I plan on having her friend party either at the beginning of December or in January after everything has calmed down from the holidays. This time around we did it in January. It was perfect timing! Just what we needed....a PARTY! This year She had a Ballet party. They did a little craft at the beginning, played button button, I taught the girls some ballet and let them dance around, and ate her favorite- chocolate cup cakes. Her little friends were so sweet and fun. She was so thankful they came to party with her to celebrate her 6 birthday!! Happy Birthday Hannah girl! We love you!

End of the Year FUN!!

When all the Roe family comes we try to go skiing at least once all together. It had been a long time since I had been there and I was surprised to see how it has all changed a bit. I liked the new addition to the lodge. Matt and John snowboarded and I skied....which is something I haven't done in 4 years. It felt great getting back on the slope. I've missed it! It was a great day for all who was able to go. then the next day turned out to be a very snowy day. So we thought it would be a good day to go sledding at the cemetery. So we all bundled up and drove 2 blocks away from the Roe home and had fun with the sleds for a few hours. Matthew worked his skills in making a sweet jump! The cousins had fun working on that in between runs down the hill. Hannah kept trying over and over to make it to the jump. For some odd reason every sled she rode would veer off to the left and then she'd miss it by a few inches!! She was determined to off that jump! We had fun watching Tyler try to walk up the hill in his boots and then he'd slide down on his rear. He always had a snowball in his hands and every few seconds would take a bite out of it. The cousins had some serious fun sledding that day!!

Winter Wedding

One of John's youngest cousins Josh, got married during the Christmas break to Abby. Josh and Abby were married on December 29th. Christmas is Abby's favorite holiday so she thought it would be neat to get married around this time. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. It was fun having lots of the family there. we were also able to catch up with many of the cousins. We were even able to round up all the grandkids that were there for a picture. (not as easy as it sounds!) Such a great night. What a fun night it was to celebrate the marriage of these two!!