Wednesday, December 23, 2009

General Relief Society Meeting

Aunt Faye, Me, Mom, G-ma Leah, Aunt Mary
Sep. 2009
We planned a little girls outing- shopping, dinner, and visiting or in my case (therapy!) in the evening we went to the Conference Center for the Gen. Relief Society Meeting. Aunt Faye who lives in Indiana was here for my Uncle Alan's funeral got to spend the day with us. We had such a good time. I feel very blessed and lucky to have a mother and a grandmother to make memories with. Both My mother and Mary never got the chance to do any of this with a grandma. I love my grandma very much and Love spending time with her. I miss our walks we would take in the morning when I lived there in Smithfield back when I first got married. She has always been an example to me and has taught me so much.

These women have always been there for me and has supported me through so much. I love them dearly. They have so much to give and so much love. Thank you for everything!

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Sometimes you think you'll be fine by yourself because a dream is a wish that you make all alone.
It's easy to feel like you don't need help but it's harder to walk on your own

You'll change inside when you realize
the world comes to life and everything is bright, from beginning to end when you have a friend by your side that helps you define the beauty you are when you open your heart and believe in the gift of a friend.

Salt Lake City Temple

Inside the Conference Center

Someone to count on,
someone who cares.

When you don't know which way to go..... your not alone.

* Demi Lovato ~ Gift Of A Friend
That there is one awesome ice cream cone!!
grandma you are so fun!

Go Green Grass Stains!

Soccer Time
September - October
Green Grass Stains
Her coach was Dale Webster

They are the cutest team. They have so much fun and are so good.
It will be fun to watch them grow up!

Hannah had no fear!

She gets right in the middle of it all...


Game Time

Layton City Colts

In August and September Matt had practice Tuesday through Friday.
Saturdays were the games

Here's the coaches telling him how it's done
he plays tight end and defensive end

We caught eye contact...

Aug. & Sep. 2009

Head Coach Ciancone
Grandma Linnea loves watching him play!

Way to go Matt!!

Tyler Turns 2 !!

Happy Birthday Tyler!

These Lightning McQueen shoes were his favorite.
He would run all over the place just to show us how fast he could run.

Hannah, Tyler and Matt
August 28, 2009

I let Matt and Hannah plan this little family party all by them selves. They did so good! We played games, danced, sang happy b-day, ate his ice cream cake which was so yummy, opened presents, and even cleaned up all the mess. They are such good helpers!
They love little Ty so much

Ty and his many faces!

Hannah gave Tyler a special picture she drew

Cousin comes to visit

My cousin Shawnee came to visit. Her husband Kent and her 5 of her 6 kids stayed at my mom's. We drove up Tuesday August 25, 2009 for dinner.

above is Berlin, me and Logan. On the left is my cousin Shawnee and Sierra

It was so fun to see them again. They live in Minnesota and
come out at least once a year.

First Day of School

Welcome to Kindergarten Hannah!!

Her very first day of school. Matthew and Hannah started on August 20th. This was a year of new things for these two. New school, new friends and new teachers.

Hannah couldn't wait! She wanted to be a big girl and go to school like her
big brothers. Tyler was sad to see them go.

She has waited for this day for so long!!

McKay started school a few days later on August 24. He's in 4th grade. He gets to ride the bus every day. School is so good for him. He gets to do so much and looks forward to it every day!

Publish Post
Matthew is a fifth grader!! He was excited to go back too. He had a fun summer but
was ready to start back up again. Bring on the math and the reading!!!

Hannah has afternoon kindergarten so she's just taking a quick picture
with brother before he goes.

Happy Birthday John!

Aug. 7, 2009

To celebrate his birthday we took the family camping. No, it wasn't a nice hotel or anything luxurious like that but it was fun. Enjoying the outdoors, river, dirt and campfire and all. Camping always is a big job when you have 4 kids but I always find a few moments of where I feel like it's worth it. If anything the kids absolutely love it. We went with our neighbors the Smith's, Dearden's, Wiseman's, Hansen's. So much fun! One thing I learned..... I want a really good tent- that's big enough for all of us!

and I also learned.... without John I don't think I could go camping. I hope John knows how much I love him and how much I need him. My life is better and complete with him.
Happy birthday and I love you!

Tyler camping
Aug 7-8 2009

A Summer Day In Salt Lake

One Hot Summer Day!

Tara, G-ma Linnea, Me, Aunt Mary
Matthew and Hannah
at The Gateway
Aug. 5, 2009

McKay Turns 9 !!

August 1, 2009

I can't believe this little boy is 9.
It's seems like yesterday he was born,
but then again it seems so long ago
he went through so much
we went through so much
so much was learned
on both ends I'm sure
It was so hard
it still is hard
but I would never change it
not for anything
McKay brought such a gift with him
the love that came with him is never ending
I felt it the second he was born
a treasure I will hold forever
thank you McKay for that special gift
You will always be my special son


July 19-25 2009
Logan, UT

~ Be Thou An Example ~