Thursday, August 26, 2010


Baylee loves McKay

Baylee did this all on her own.... we looked over and this is how we found her.
I think McKay was very comfortable! He has a sweet expression on his face. It was way cute!

Matthew and Hannah & Baylee!!

One of the favorite things the kids have done lately is babysit the Smith's dogs Boon and Baylee. This one's name is Baylee. She would sleep over, they would go for walks, cuddle, play and run all over! She got to sleep over lots too! They were good little dog sitters and Baylee was a perty good puppy too!!

Playin' with Memhet Okur

Matthew loves the Utah Jazz and was
so excited when he was told at Junior jazz practice that there would be a jazz clinic in Ogden. It was for all Junior Jazz it was going to be packed. So Dad, Matthew and some of his friends packed up and went to Ogden to see if they could get in.

They did get in.... and they got to go down on the court and play with him too! So LUCKY!!
Matt's in the key getting ready to shoot.

See Matt right there behind him.... Memhet ran some drills
with the boys.

Jaxon, Matt, and McKay
They thought it was way AWESOME!!

Little Mommy

Hannah and her favorite doll

They look just a like!

Good One!

Family Home Evening
January 2010

This is what we call a GOOD ONE!!

All the kids: * participating * learning * reading * having fun! * sharing * loving each other
* being nice and * doing the lesson

We love Mondays like this!!

Sunday Morning

January 2010

I am really glad I took these pictures!!

why?? well....because our Sunday morning's are not
usually this Happy Looking!

They sure do look really cute this wonderful Sabbath morning!