Monday, November 19, 2007

Tyler Kenneth Roe is Blessed

John blessed Tyler on Nov. 4th. It turned out to be such a good day. We felt very blessed for the love and support from both sides of the family. I love blessing days because it makes you stop and focus on what really matters. One of the neatest things that happened that day was the unexpected arrival of John's younger brother Jim. Last we heard was Jim was out of town and so his wife Kara and little Daniel would be coming alone. Well, when we pulled up to the church there he was. talk about surprise! He drove all through the night just so he could make it. Your an awesome brother Jim!!

This Is my cute Mom Linnea with Tyler. The kids love grandma so much.

Tyler was so happy the whole day. While everyone was eating I laid him on the floor
and took these pictures.

After Tyler's blessing we had a luncheon at Aunt Cindi's house. Her house was warm and welcoming as always. We had some good food and some good visiting time. Thanks again Cindi!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taking Pictures - What An Adventure

In October, Aunt Cindi took some family pictures for us at Layton Park. We think she did an awesome job. For it was no easy task! I'm sure at first glance at these pictures it looks like everything went smooth and easy, well looks can be deceiving! Every time we've had family pictures things are a little crazy. This time takes the cake! We've never had quite the experience like we did this day. It all started out when we were loading the van. John was holding McKay in his lap because he was acting as though he had an upset stomach. We've found that if you hold him it makes it go away quicker. all of a sudden his feeding tube button opened up and started leaking all over. It mostly got all over John.... so there went John's outfit. (We had to go to Target to get him new jeans.) Next, There we all are sitting in the van..... and it won't start! So we jumped it and eventually drove off. As we're driving over to the park John says, "For this to get any better, we just need McKay to have a blowout!" Guess what?! He did. I'm sorry this is so gross but its the truth.... and If I have to live through this, It won't hurt you to hear about it!! JK! It was everywhere. It took us a good 1/2 hour to clean it up. So once we got our act together we took a deep breath and started taking pictures. So after all of that, this is what we got. It was all worth it right! Conclusion.... Nobody ever said it would be easy, but everybody knows it's worth it.

Friday, November 16, 2007


My two little boys

McKay and Tyler

A month ago I was taking all these pictures of Tyler and the kids and Posting them on our family web-site so that all the family could see little Tyler. (especially so that his grandpa Ken and grandma Judi Roe who are on a mission at the Washington DC visitor center could see them) as I was sending all these pictures Ken said that Maybe McKay would like to hold Tyler. And I thought about that for a second.... and thought... oh maybe he does. I didn't even think about it. I think trying to keep up with four kids and everything that comes with motherhood I just didn't even think about it. So the next chance I could I took this picture. I had to stand next to him because he would slide off if we weren't careful. So then I really got thinking. Even though McKay is 7, and Tyler was only 5 weeks..... it was as though I had twins. Developmentally McKay is only 0-1 month. He's my big baby and Tyler is my little baby! There still is a little difference though. Tyler cries when he is hungry. McKay does not cry when he is hungry. Tyler's eyes can track objects when McKay's eyes cannot. They both can tell me when their uncomfortable in different ways. Tyler will cry. McKay will squirm around in his seat, fling his arms around and move his legs up and down, and by the look on his face you can tell he's not happy. I just look at the two and it amazes me. What are they both thinking. are they thinking anything....... I know their thinking something.....I only wish I knew what.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tyler Kenneth Roe
Aug. 28, 2007
9 lbs. 1 oz.
21 in.

This is Hannah holding Tyler. She is my little helper. She'll be four the day after Christmas.


So I have to tell you..... This blogging thing is kind of addicting. I coudn't resist it any longer and decided to start our own. It might take me a while to figure things out ! But I am excited to join all you fun bloggers!!

These last few months with Tyler in the home we've taken some fun pictures. The ones that I'm going to post now are back when he was a week old.