Monday, December 17, 2007

McKay's in the hospital

I just wanted to write a little something quick before I head off to sleep. Saturday around 2:00 McKay had a grand maul seizure. He has never had one of these before. but yes he does have seizures quite often. They only last 3-4 seconds though. This one lasted a total of 45 minutes. It started right here in our living room. I was sitting right next to him when it started, and lasted the whole way to Primary Children's Hospital and did not stop until they gave him a drug called Adivan. I can honestly say that this was the scariest thing we've gone through yet with little McKay. We wondered maybe if this was going to be it for McKay. It hit me really strong when I walked into his room there in the Emergency room and saw McKay shaking on the table with wires and cords all over him. But once again he has pulled through and he's feeling much better. He is still in the hospital and most likely will be there for a couple more days. He is still very lethargic and very out of it. They say that after a seizure one can be very tired and will sleep for a long time. so.... they won't send him home till he's more his normal self again. They really don't know why this happened, so we still have no real answers. They are putting him back on another medication for seizures and want to make sure he tolerates it okay. So anyway.... that's a little update. Other than that all is well- John stays the night with McKay and I stay here with the little one's. I go up for part of the day. My goal is to just keep up with everything! I just can't believe Christmas is in a week. so Just know..... If you don't get a Christmas card here soon..... Well, just know we love you! Here's one thing I've learned through all of this. It seems that almost every year of McKay's life we have spent some time at Primary children's in some way or another. It's there that I learn what's most important in life. Life is so precious. Christmas will come and go. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the small moments of life.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Some Little Adventures

On Wednesday our big adventure for the day was Story Hour at Barnes and Noble. This was Tyler's first story time ever. Every Wednesday at 11:00 they have someone who reads a few books, an activity like coloring a picture or something crafty and a little snack. Way cute! 6 friends from the neighborhood went. These kids are my friend Jamie's. the 4 week old Amelia and Rylee who is 20 months. Hannah's new favorite thing to do is hold little Tyler.....yea, I said little....J.K....He's as big as they are!

On Tuesday We headed up to Primary Childrens Hospital. McKay was having a hearing test done under anesthesia. The test showed that his left ear hears better than his right. They said that his ears and middle ears are not to bad. where he really has problems is the connection to the brain. Which that was only expected due to his sever brain loss. They said just keep talking to him and pretending that he can hear everything because you never know when it will click. He came out of the anesthesia after a while. He was quite drowsy the rest of the day though. Hannah played at her friend Rylee's for the day, so I only had Tyler. (Thank goodness!)

For FHE we went to Tremonton to visit g-ma Bernie and g-pa Emerson Earl. We had a great time. It was Matthew's turn to do the lesson and he did a great one on Christmas and being thankful. We ate pizza and Bernie's famous dessert. Chocolate and vanilla pudding mixture with graham cracker crumbs on bottom and top. so delicious!!

Now we don't see this very big teddy bear cousin Taylor holding little Tyler.
But when it happens I have to capture the moment!

this here is a great picture of my cousin Dana dancing with my Uncle Clair

Sunday dinner at my Uncle Alan and Aunt Geri's home in Smithfield. John is feeding McKay and showing some of my cousins kids how to feed McKay. They all love to watch. They all are so cute to McKay and ask the sweetest questions.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tyler is 3 months old

Our little baby is not a little baby any more! I can't believe he's all ready 3 months old. I would have to say that the last month has been really fun getting to know Tyler. He's really starting to get a personality! when He makes eye contact with one of us he'll just grin. He is very ticklish.... he will laugh so hard. The other day I was holding him in my lap and he looked up at me and just started laughing. I'm not so sure what was so funny but it was so cute!

I was in the kitchen cooking when I looked down and saw this! His first time ever grabbing for the toys that are hanging down.

Temple Square Lights

The highlight of the Last three weeks was having my uncle Clair (my mother's brother) and my Aunt Faye visiting form Indiana. and for the few days around the holiday having Cheyenne there too. We usually get to see them once a year. They are such neat people. We love them so much. It was so fun to see you.... we all ready miss you!

Here's a group picture of everyone on my side of the family that came. After we watched "the Savior of the world" we went to dinner and then back to Temple Square to see the lights.

Carlie, Riley, Hannah and John.

Matthew and Hannah thought the lights were way cool! Here's a picture of the four of us. Because of the cold we left McKay and Tyler home with a sitter- Katie Cammack. Thanks again Katie for helping out with the kids. Your Awesome!

This is my mother's friend Nathan Haws and his beautiful family. Such neat people! together we all went to dinner and to Temple square.

Thanksgiving Festivities

This is my cousin Brock with Matthew. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we headed to Temple square to see "The Savior of the World". You had to be 8 and older to this was a big thing for him to attend. We all really liked it. It was a great way to start the Christmas season with.

Cheyenne is going to be one good mother some day! by the way guys.... she's single! She is attending BYU right now and I'll tell you what.... she is Awesome!

This is a cute picture of my sister Tara and Eli

Hannah, Matthew and Cheyenne waiting patiently for the feasting to begin!