Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just Dance!

After her dance review we ate at McDonalds
My sister Tara, G-ma Leah, G-ma Linnea and my Cousin Dana all came to watch Hannah! Thanks for coming you guys- your so supportive!
We had a fun visit. This was the night Tyler learned to eat a whole cheeseburger...or two!

May 30, 2009

Hannah and her friend Taylor Moulding

I love you so much Hannah!!
Good Job
Hannah with her daddy
who she loves soooo much!

and Grandma Linnea- who she says is her Best Friend!

Dance practice

5,6,7,8... that's right!

Daddy and Matthew reading Fablehaven
a FAVORITE around here!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just fun stuff!

Tyler getting a hair cut!!

Tyler with Daddy

Say "Cheese"!

Good Job Matthew!!

The 2 groups of 4th graders who won the Stock Market Game.
They got to get out of school to go to an awards ceremony and Lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
Matt's teacher Mr. Hardy on the left and on the right is Miss Rawlins the principle

AWESOME works you three!!
Your hard work paid off
What a neat day that was!

Here we all are at Thanksgiving Point for my step-sister
Sierra's wedding- It was so pretty!

Lunch at the Garden with Ken and Judi just before
John's sister Sandee had to head back.

Womens Conference
April 30- May 1

me, Robin, Nan, Sandee, and Judi
We had such a great time and had way fun!

Hannah earned enough tokens to pick out a Barbie!

Matthew and Hannah
Thanksgiving Point
June 2009

April 29, 2009
WICKED is in town, and Emalee surprised us!!
For John and I it was our second time and for Emalee and Matthew it was a first. Since the day John and I flew to Denver with some friends a couple years ago to see it, he has patiently waited for this day. We all were very excited. I would have to say it was even better the second time around. I loved every moment of it!

Date night with Kendall and Emalee celebrating her birthday.
Sushi is her favorite.... we thought we would give it a try.
We both were a little nervous but guess what.... We LOVED it!!
Without their help we would have no clue what we were doing!

Thanksgiving point
June 2009

Happy B-day Riley!
I'm not so sure what's going on here- but I hope Riley is
enjoying his cake!!

Celebrating my mother Linnea's birthday
We love you mom,
thanks for all you do for us!

June 2009
EFY Campout
here we are playing the BIG game of twister...
Ty thought it was cool to get in the middle of it!

Our EFY friends that we love so much!

Hannah and her baby all ready for a summer day!

one day out of no where Matt comes running down stairs in this little outfit! He said he decided to play with Hannah. Oh Hannah was loving every minute of it. Matt- I think he got a kick out of our reactions! John- He was beside himself!!!!

Dallin, Hannah, Payton and Matthew
roasting some smores

At this EFY reunion the number of kids are growing ever so much each year. Here
are some friends that are Matt's age. Dallin, Payton, and Traysen Hucks are in the blue shirts.

summer fun at the dinosaur park
Tyler wants to get one of those bad!

Hannah and some of her neighborhood friends
found some dino eggs
Gracee, Addie, Hannah, & Chloe

McKay H., Matt & Ty
diggin for bones!

Just having fun!

Daddy and Hannah got their twinner shirts on!!

Dancin' in the rain!

Looking at the beautiful rainbow and playing in the
rain with neighbor friends Rylee and Milly

Tyler and Ashton Hucks
Eating muffins