Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

What a fun holiday this has been!!!

Halloween party at Playschool
Made some Spooky Pumpkins

Pin the wart on the witch, Doughnut eating contest, and ghost, ghost, boo!

dressing up is so fun...
Troy Bolton, Belle, Squirt
and Mickey

And going trick-or-treating is way fun
especially when it's warm outside
and even more fun when grandam Linnea comes to visit!

She helped the kids make some "mummies" for dinner

Now it's sorting time. I remember back in the day after trick-or-treating, my sister, brother and I would all sort out our candy. We'd put all the tootsie rolls together, all the gum together, the suckers.......
Now my kids do it, so now it's our tradition.

Birthday Time! (a while ago)

We have 3 birthdays in August. So me not sure if I had the energy to plan 3 different birthday shin digs.....decided to celebrate them all together.
This was a big one for each of them....
# 35 for Mr. Roe
#8 for McKay
#1 for Tyler

I got them each their own cake. John's favorite is cheesecake so I make him one every year. Tyler got his own little white cake. and Aunt Cindi brought a few chocolate- one for McKay and some for all of us to eat.


My little baby boy is one!!!

He loved his cake!!!

testing out his new car

Tyler.... you are one of the reasons I love being a mommy!!


And then September came around and it was my birthday.... Sep. 19, 1978.....this means i'm turning 30 years old......
I knew this was going to be a rough one... so something had to be I partied all week!

4 other friends had September b-day's too. Ashley, Deborah, Lora and Jamie. So Jamie and I decided to plan a girls night at her house. (she was the one with the husband out of town!) The girls in our neighborhood are always up for a party. so we thought why not!

and talk about party... this was one PARTY!!!
every one of these girls are so stinkin' fun!

We even played some Rock Band- and boy are we good!!!

We seriously had so much fun! It was so good to just sit back and relax. We ate some great treats, visited , and played a few games..... We got some good laughs in as well!

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such neat, talented and wonderful people. Thanks for making my 30th birthday one to remember!!!

Then Uncle Rick and Aunt Cindi took us to
Benihana's. ~ Thanks again you two!

we had never been there before- so of course.... we enjoyed every bit of it
The food there really is fabulous!