Monday, April 14, 2008


The other day Matthew couldn't open the jar of salsa so he asked me to help....Well, as you can see i got it opened! When The lid came off it exploded. It was everywhere!! When the big glob hit Matthew you should have seen his face. At first he was a little shocked and didn't quite know what to think. 2 seconds later we were both laughing. I have not laughed that hard in a long time!! I at first just couldn't believe it... I thought whhhhyyyyyy! Seriously at first I was way ticked, but then I thought whatever.... It'll clean up. Neither one of us could move much because it was all over the floor. John then walked in and took one look and said, "where's the camera?!" Perfect timing huh! Matthew your such a good sport for holding this position!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

McKay's Wish

We did it! On Friday April 4th we as a family helped McKay make his wish....
he wished for:


I can honestly say that this was a very hard decision. You only get one wish I we didn't want to blow it. So we thought long and hard about this. Two nights before the big day I was telling my mother what a hard thing this was, do we wish for a year supply of pediasure..... central air for the house.....what? Then she said these words that were exactly what I needed to hear. "This is not the time to be practical!" "This is your wish upon a star moment". So that's exactly what we did. When we told the kids what we were going to wish for I don't think I've ever seen them so excited before. It was a very fun moment for john and I to tell them such a fun thing. We've never done anything like this before as a family. We've stayed at g-ma and g-pa's houses, vegas with john's sister, Panguitch with John's grandparents and yes we've stayed in a hotel a couple of times here and there for EFY. But as far as a fun family vacation- relaxing- we have never done yet... So basically we are all very excited. We all need a much needed break from the 24-7 mothering/housecleaning ect... and John's Phd, a break from doctor visits, and a relief from the worry of the day to day routine of what we do daily. I'm not sure I'm expressing my feelings very well... but the whole Idea with 'make a wish' is that it gives families hope... and something fun to look forward to. They try to relieve the stress. Well, it's working! I'll post some pictures and tell you more about that night sometime soon....I just want to say.... wow! Is this really happening. We are feeling so grateful and blessed!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

4 going on 16!

Neighborhood girls
Rylee Webster Ali Hinrichs and Hannah
Watch out... these girls are crazy drivers!!
All three of them have a vehicle of their own but today they were driving Rylee's. Hannah got a Barbie jeep for her birthday- which she loves. My friend DeLonne found it at the DI for 35$ Sweet find huh!