Monday, March 31, 2008

Tyler Kenneth - 7 Months


He does great sleeping through the night
He eats at least 2 bowls of rice cereal every day
love it when he sticks his little tongue out
He loves to play with his toes
He melts your heart when he smiles at you
He has the cutest little laugh
sits up like a pro now
loves to be entertained by big brother and sister

We love you little buddy so much!!

St. Patrick's Day - Easter play group

As you can tell by all the green shirts it's St. Patrick's Day. A bunch of neighbors and ward friends came over for a pot luck luncheon and easter egg hunt. We were packed in this little house so it was a little crazy but way fun. I think we all needed it! Spring was in the air and it was time to get out and do something. It was a perfect day for an egg hunt outside so that worked out great. kids playing in the yard while mom's were eating and chatting- perfect. Hannah loved having her friends over and was especially excited to look for eggs. Each mom brought 4 eggs for each kid they were bringing that would be participating. And yes...... Hannah's basket that day was her Halloween bucket. I couldn't find her basket that day, at least it's cute and pink! the funniest part is when I finally caught up to her after the hunt started I counted how many eggs she had- 8 eggs!! I reminded her that she was only to find 4. we quickly scattered the extra in the grass, lets just say she was on a roll!

G-ma Leah's b-day pictures

We treated Grandma to a family dinner at El Sol.
I think she enjoyed the night very much.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Exciting News

We have some exciting news to share.....
We got a phone call from- MAKE A WISH fOUNDATION! Saying that McKay, along with his family has been excepted
to make a wish!

Right now we are at the stage of deciding what to wish for. It can be a wish for him. It can also be a wish that the whole family would benefit from. Back in the day the rule was the child had to voice his own wish. Well, rules have changed.... so now the family can do the wishing for the child. So who knows what we'll do! We really are excited about all this and actually can't quite believe it! Let me know if you have any idea's- I love to hear other people's Make a Wish Stories.

Little Dancer

Dancing day is a favorite for Hannah. She gets all her dancing clothes out and gets her dance bag all ready. She dances at Excel Dance....actually we both do. They are so great. I'm so impressed with what they do. This was the first time that I wasn't teaching my own child dance lessons, so it felt a little weird at first. I keep telling myself that some day I will do that again, but now is not the time! After some research I decided to go with Excel. I am so glad we did....The teachers here are so creative and good with the little one's. In fact... in class there's never a dull moment. They are constantly dancing! I highly recommend these guys so if your looking for a dance company- try Excel Dance. Right now she dances once a week, and I go 3 times a month. (It's a great stress reliever! You should try it!!!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Leah

Today grandma Leah turned 86. She is what we call a "recycled teenager"! We have a hard time slowing her down sometimes, she never stops. I am so grateful for her love and example. She has taught me so much. If I ever have questions about sewing, gardening, cooking, or whatever.... She can always help. One thing I love about her is how she loves to serve. Today when I talked to her she told me how working in the temple went today and was just getting ready to do her visiting teaching. She is always so happy and positive no matter how tough life can get. All the grandkids just love her to death. You will often see her get right down on the floor to play with them. The last time we were at her house Hannah was playing with the farm animals with grandma by her side. On Matthew's 9 b-day last Oct. McKay was laying on his cot in the family room where the rest of us were, watching Matthew open up his presents when all of a sudden Leah decides to sit on the floor right next to him. It was so sweet. She just can't get close enough! She always tell john and I that if she could hold him... she would. I think she misses those days! This picture here is our 4 generation picture. I truly do love these three people who are in this picture with me. They are part of who I am. I don't know what I would do without them. I am so glad you are my grandma. Thanks for being you.... We love you! Hope you had a great birthday!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ward Adventures

Saturday Feb. 23 The activities committee and I put on our Ward Family Dance. It turned out to be way fun! Last year we did a couples dance, but this year we thought it would be fun to bring the whole family.

We had a great turn out for the dance. At one time I counted over 100 people. some people really got into it. You just never know what can happen at a ward dance! I think John really surprised the new members of the ward, they had no clue that he could dance like that!! Our ward was reorganized just a while back so it was good to have a casual night getting to know everybody. Highlights of the night were: Teaching the EFY Baha Line Dance, Electric Slide, Dancing with my Honey, and Watching Matthew and Hannah Dance. Jane Bradbury, the bishops wife held Tyler practically the whole night so we could dance, and little McKay sat by them for the night. He was very comfortable sitting there listening to the music. I think he liked it!

Victor Siufanua was the DJ for the night. He is so great! His wife is on my committee so we usually put them to work at every ward party we have. This family really knows how to throw a great dance party! These are a couple pictures of our Bishopric, Bro. Larsen, Bishop Bradbury, and Bro. Jensen. The other pict. is When Bro. Siufanua had the bishoprics wifes join them for a special song that was dedicated to them. Dayna, Ashley, and Jane. It was a great night!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Feb. 27th Pine Wood Derby
Matthew made such an awesome car!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tyler Kenneth- 6 months

Happy Half Birthday little buddy!
Love you!

February 28th 2008

Look who's growing up! I can't believe that
he's already 6 months old. It feels like it was just yesterday that I had him. It's so fun to have a baby in the house! He is such a sweetie! Tyler loves to jump. This is one of his favorite things to do every day. It's so funny to watch him in the jumper, he really gets into it. talk about gettin some good air! before we know it he'll be jumping out of this thing!!