Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer time ~ Reunion time

Every summer with my moms side of the family we have a reunion in a little place called Downy Idaho- at a resort called Downata Hot springs. Every year we tent it but this year.... We did it with style. See john there relaxing- He didn't even have to set up a tent. When Matthew saw our "yert" he yelled out "mom, this is incredible!!!" So what can I say... microwave, hot/cold water, bed, fridge- you get the point! We all fit nice a cozy in this thing and we will do it this way from now on.

Jadee and Hannah hangin'

time to eat!

Cooking up some breakfast

Playing and Splashing around

all tuckered out- had his first nap in a pool. (nice water bed!)

Awake and ready to play again!

This is Matthew claiming his prize for winning the guessing game. He guessed the closest of how many licorice are in there. oohh... that sounds like a fun game to play... You all guess and we'll see who wins! Let's just see how good you are at these kind of games.... If you win you get Licorice.....

Oh and this little girl..... look at that face, her face tells it all. Here's what happened. See to the left of her the slide that goes straight into the ground, It's called the "Black hole". it's a very scary slide.... We were all standing around watching Matthew and other cousins go down it when all of sudden we couldn't find Hannah. John spotted her just as she was pushing through the crowed at the top of the stairs heading straight to the black hole. I look up at the slide just in time to see this little shadow of a body coming down the slide. I Screamed "That was Hannah!!" So I grabbed Matthew and had him go back through the opening of the slide to crawl through and get Hannah. She didn't come clear through to the opening (it curves around at the end) because she's so little. So he crawled through to get her. At first there was no sound coming from her- (probable because it took her breath away) but once she realized what had just happened she cried hard. We couldn't believe it- Well neither could the life guard. Later I talked to the girl and she said she couldn't reach her in time. (Whatever!!) and she also said that Hannah's leg got stuck on the side so she actually went down sideways and maybe even backwards. How's that for a four year old! My cousin Dana and I loved this slide growing up, we always had to wear shorts over our swimsuits because it would tear little holes from going on it so many times. Hannah's just starting out at an early age I guess!!