Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Animal Days

April 8, 2010
Baby Animal Days
Cache Valley

Riding the train
Tyler was beyond excited!!

me, Tara and mom took the kids to see the animals. Talk about cute. It was so fun and sweet to see the kids with these little babies. There is just something about animals. especially the baby ones. We could have stayed there forever. We saw all we could and even rode the train! Way fun time.


Diana said...

Go Tauna, Go, you are getting caught up! I love reading about your Logan adventures! I am going to have to steal the picture in March at the park.

Tauna said...

i was practicing on John's lap top so that at the next project night and can fit in a little better ha ha!! steal away... I stole it off of F.B myself. I promise I will give you some pictures here shortly that you've asked for!