Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We love Primary!

May 9, 2010
Me, Lori, Amber, Adrienne, Ghislaine, & Christy

Today our Primary presidency got released. I have to be honest....It was hard and very emotional. I teared up every time we sang each of their favorite primary songs. With each song we sang I felt the spirit so strong. It was very neat and I know the kids felt it too. These are very neat ladies and I am blessed to call them friends! They were such a strong presidency and worked really well with each other. They are going to be missed by so many! The kids just loved them so much!! Released were, president Adrienne and her counselor's Christy, Ghislaine and secretary, Amber. The pianist was Lori and was released. I am still the chorister. Ghislaine was called as the new president and will do a great job at it! Her counselor's are Holly libby, Claire Michaelson and secretary Mara Snider. The new pianist is Shannon Bair.

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