Saturday, January 29, 2011


Jazz Dance Studio
May 20, 2010
Hannah's Dance Review
At the Perry's Egyptian Theatre in Ogden

Grandma Linnea came to watch. She wouldn't miss this for anything!

Matt and Hannah

Her sweet friends Rylee and Milly Smith came too!

Daddy gave her a rose

G-ma Linnea gave her some fruit snacks and her favorite.... a big chocolate bar!

Ashley Maughn is one of Matt's friends who also takes at JDS.
They've been friends since Kindergarten!

Gracie R. and Hannah are getting ready for the show to begin!
We asked them to give us a little pose :)

It was so fun to have G-ma Linnea, Tara, and G-ma Leah there on this big day of Hannah's. You never stop supporting us or the kids. Your always there! Thank you, and we love you so much. What a fun day this was.

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